Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer has the character, intelligence and leadership skills to be an exceptional Prime Minister.

MP for 15 years and was elected by all MPs the youngest Speaker of the House of Commons.

Effective leader and team builder, willing to listen and to let others shine and contribute.

A husband and father of five children, Andrew knows both the joys and the challenges of raising a family in Canada today and wants to leave our natural environment in a better place for his children and the next generation.

Andrew came from modest beginnings in Ontario but chose to raise a family and build a career in Saskatchewan. Before entering public life, Andrew worked in the private sector in an insurance broker office. He is fluently bilingual.

Andrew has always been true to his positive Conservative vision and his leadership is focused on helping hardworking families with lower taxes, controlled government spending and an economic plan that creates prosperity and opportunity for everyone.

Canadians Want Substance Over Style

Balanced Approach Real Results

No Place for Intolerance and Extremism in Canada

“Racism is real. Bigotry is real. Extremism is real. The Conservative Party will always make it absolutely clear that there is no room in a peaceful and free country like Canada for intolerance, racism and extremism of any kind.”


“When newcomers to Canada succeed, Canada succeeds. A Conservative government will restore fairness, order and compassion to our immigration system.”

Balancing the Budget Without Hurting Canadians

“A Conservative government will live within its means, protects core services, and responsibly phase out the Trudeau deficit in the medium term without hurting Canadians.”

Housing Affordability

“A Conservative government will rework the mortgage stress test and work with provinces and municipalities to knock down regulatory barriers that discourage new home construction so more homes can come on the market at lower prices.”

Fighting Climate Change

“Climate change is real and a Conservative government will have stricter limits for major polluters and take the fight against climate change globally through Canadian green technology.”

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