Byron Horner announces plan to support fisheries

October 06, 2019
A new Conservative government would engage new strategies, partnerships and provide funding to support critical industry
October 6, 2019
French Creek, BC – Byron Horner, Conservative Candidate for Courtenay Alberni, introduced the Conservative plan to promote and support Canada’s fisheries by adopting new strategies and partnerships to strengthen relationships and build consensus on how to restore fish stocks.
“Justin Trudeau has failed to work with those whose livelihoods depend on local fisheries. This lack of engagement has had a real impact on our coastal communities.”
To renew engagement and consultation to support our fisheries, a new Conservative government will:
·         Create advisory panels with Indigenous groups, fishers and scientists, to rebuild critical stocks and ensure that everyone is working together.
·         Enhance and rebuild wild Atlantic and Pacific salmon stocks by increasing funding for community-led conservation, habitat restoration and enhancement projects and increasing the price of the Salmon Conservation Stamp for non-residents to benefit the Pacific Salmon Foundation.
·         Complete new science-based recovery plans for all of Canada’s critical fisheries
·         Repeal measures that bypass community consultations for Marine Protected Areas while ensuring that the process is robust and timely. Justin Trudeau’s changes have short circuited important community consultations for Marine Protected Areas.
·         Work with industry to develop a strategy for preventing seafood fraud.
·         Create a modern aquaculture act.
·         Support the advancement of technology, research and best practices to reduce contact between wild and farmed salmon.
“it is so important to note the important role that fisheries play in our local economies, “said Horner. “To maintain infrastructure and support communities, a new Conservative government will provide $250 million in additional support for small craft harbours.”
Supporting our fisheries and aquaculture sectors is also an important part of A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment. As part of our efforts to combat oceans plastic, a new Conservative government will work with international partners to reduce the prevalence of “ghost gear”, or abandoned and lost gear, which entangles marine wildlife and contributes to the world’s oceans’ plastic problem. We will work to protect our oceans against one of the deadliest forms of marine litter.
“A new Conservative government will support our fishing and aquaculture industries to ensure our local communities and economies continue to thrive,” said Horner. “These are necessary measures – strategies, partnerships, and funding – to make sure this critical industry continues to thrive.”
Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives: “Justin Trudeau is not as advertised. This election, Canadians have a choice. Between the poor judgement of Justin Trudeau, and a new, positive Conservative government that will take immediate action to give you more help at home.”