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Government Waste on the West Coast

A basic duty of your elected official (MP) is to hold the government of-the-day to account for federal spending in our region. MP Johns, the former Tofino Councillor, has failed in this duty on the wasteful Parks Canada spending in the Pacific Rim National Park.

The Tofino Trail and the public toilets on Long Beach are tens of millions $ over-budget.

Liberals, Stop Playing Politics with Westcoast Fisheries

Fish for Tomorrow! Stop Liberals from playing politics with the Vancouver Island Fisheries. There is a new generation of Conservatives at the leadership and local level. I will fight for funding for habitat restoration and best-in-class enhancement to support the Public Fishery and the fishing industry on VI.


Creating Meaningful Jobs and Investing in Social and Economic Infrastructure in Courtenay-Alberni

The key long-term solution to many social issues, affordability and helping those on the fringes of our communities, is meaningful local jobs. Regular work and pay is so much more than just money – it’s self-worth and a sense of pride that a person is contributing to their family and the social fabric of their community.


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced the next step in his plan to make life more affordable for Canadians.


Affordability is a key issue in our communities

Do you feel your life is more affordable since the Trudeau Liberals were elected? Residents of Courtenay-Alberni have told me countless stories about how they are getting by - not getting ahead and how our current NDP MP and his 3rd party leader Jagmeet Singh have no effective political power to help them.


Byron believes seniors built our economy and deserve a retirement with dignity

Seniors on a fixed income are falling behind. Byron supports independence and tax relief measures to make life more affordable for seniors in Courtenay-Alberni.


Byron Horner will fight for young Islanders

Byron Horner will fight for education, training and work opportunities so young people do not have to leave the Island to fulfill their dreams.


Byron Horner and the Hon. Andrew Scheer - A Balanced Approach to Environmental Protection

Like most Islanders, I care deeply about the environment and believe in a balanced approach to economic growth and world-class environmental regulation.

Please see the video below, where I ask the Hon. Andrew Scheer about Conservative environmental policy at a recent Town Hall in Courtenay.

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Bold and Ambitious Ideas for Parksville

Port Alberni Local Jobs and the Economy