Concern about “Climate Refugees” Highlights why Canada needs to take the Fight against Climate Change Global

October 11, 2019

Canada only represents 1.6% of global emissions (China emits the same amount in just 21 days). We can’t win the fight against climate change within our borders. The Liberals, Greens and NDP are ALL in favour of an ever increasing carbon tax on Canadians. Even if Canada was carbon neutral tomorrow, it would do next to nothing to stop global warming and potential climate refugees.

Andrew Scheer’s plan to take the fight against climate change global by developing and exporting Canadian green technologies to displace dirtier energy options globally is the ONLY viable path to winning the fight against climate change. 

Do you think people in China and India will worry about their carbon footprint just because Canadians do their part devastating our economy with an ever increasing carbon tax that makes life less affordable and hurts the competitiveness of our companies?  No. As their quality of life improves people in developing countries will eat more meat, travel by plane and do all the things Canadians have been doing for many decades.  We share one earth and one atmosphere and we need green technology solutions to displace less efficient practices. We especially need market-based solutions to displace the current burning of coal to generate electricity which accounts for 50% of global emissions.

The NDP and Greens say Canadians emit more than our fair share per capita.  We agree with them that Canada can do more but it doesn’t change the fact that we are still only 1.6% of global emissions.  Canada should do its part and a new Conservative government will significantly tighten emission standards for major polluters in Canada and promote the development and export of Canadian green technologies.

It was a Conservative government that originally agreed Canada would meet the Paris targets (30% reduction in emissions from 2005 levels). The Trudeau Liberal government and their carbon tax is no where close to meeting our emission reduction commitments. Like most Canadians, I was shocked to hear Justin Trudeau claim in the Leader’s Debate that the Liberals were on track to meet the Paris Targets; this is just not true. The independent Parliamentary Budget Office estimates that the Liberal carbon tax would have to increase 5-7 times from its current level to have any chance of meeting our targets. The NDP have not shared with the public their targets and the Greens have not said how much they would raise the carbon tax to achieve their goal of a 60% reduction. 

Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party have a real plan for the environment. Please see and help us get real results on the fight against climate change by voting Conservative.