Conservatives call for Canadians to be heard at Natural Resources Committee

September 22, 2022

Ottawa, ON – Today, Conservative members of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources (RNNR) released the following statement after they raised a point of privilege to force the NDP-Liberal dominated committee to abide by a long-standing tradition which ensures diverse voices are heard during committee studies:

“The NDP-Liberal coalition on the Committee has chosen to ignore the convention of inviting a number of witnesses recommended by each party in proportion to their representation in the House of Commons. This convention ensures that all parties can bring distinct voices to the table when conducting studies or reviewing bills on issues that impact the lives of everyday Canadians.


“When the Committee completes its current study on Creating a Fair and Equitable Canadian Energy Transformation, the final recommendations it puts forward will be wholly informed by the testimony of committee witnesses. That’s why it’s crucial that resource workers and the communities they live in have their voices heard.


“Yet provincial governments where many energy workers live have not been given an opportunity to give voice to those who will be most impacted. As the NDP-Liberal coalition continues with their anti-energy policies, provinces such as Saskatchewan and Alberta will proportionally feel the brunt of these job losses.


“This is yet another attempt by the NDP-Liberal coalition to replace Canada’s democratic norms with a system in which only the input of their friends is considered. Moreover, it is troubling that organizations invited to the table are government-funded in many cases.


“Conservatives recognize the consequences of allowing the NDP-Liberal coalition to set this precedent. We cannot let the NDP-Liberal coalition use their majority to flagrantly ignore and block Canadians and run roughshod over opposition parties and their ability to hold the government accountable. Conservatives will continue to stand up for freedom and the protection of our democratic institutions.”

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