Conservatives denounce lack of transparency from Trudeau government

OTTAWA, ON – Luc Berthold, Conservative Shadow Minister for Treasury Board, released the following statement regarding the scathing report from the Information Commissioner:
“The Liberals have failed to be transparent with Canadians, especially during this pandemic.
“The report released by the Information Commissioner shows that the access to information system was in a critical state before the pandemic. Now, it may be beyond repair. When it comes to this important democratic tool, the Liberals need to do better.
“Justin Trudeau has repeatedly promised that he would improve Canada’s access to information system. The reality is that he has failed to do so. This is just another example of the Liberals over promising and under delivering.
“The report also highlights a lack of leadership from the Trudeau government when it comes to the access to information system. It’s not surprising that there is a lack of leadership from the Liberals when it comes to transparency.
“Canada’s access to information regime needs an urgent fix. Improving this key tool will help improve our democracy. It will also help more Canadians have faith in our democratic systems. Conservatives will continue to push for more transparency from the Trudeau Liberals.”