June 20, 2019
Byron Horner, Conservative Candidate for Courtenay-Alberni, today announced how a Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Andrew Scheer, will work to protect our environment.
A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment is a balanced approach to reduce our emissions at home, conserve and protect our air, land, water and wildlife, and fight climate change abroad. It’s built on three key principles:
  1. Green technology, not taxes: Investing in green technology is the best way to lower our emissions without imposing new taxes on Canadians.
    We will require companies whose emissions exceed our established limits to invest in emissions-reduction technology.
    We will establish a Green Home Tax Credit which will save Canadians money upfront, on the cost of making their homes more energy efficient, and down the road on their energy bills.
  2. A cleaner and greener natural environment: We will work with farmers, hunters and anglers, Indigenous peoples, provinces, and territories to protect our air, land, water and wildlife. 
    We will work with provinces and municipalities here on the Mid-Island to end raw sewage dumps in our waterways.
    We will reinstate funding for wetland, watershed and fisheries conservation and enhancement that the Trudeau Liberals cut.
  3. Taking the climate change fight global: The current international approach to climate change forces countries to self-impose domestic emissions reductions targets. But emissions do not recognize borders. It’s a global problem that requires a global solution and Canada has a leadership role to play.
    We will establish targeted capital cost allowances (Green Expansion Accelerator) for industries that can be shown to reduce emissions in other countries.
    We will create and market a Canadian Clean brand and guidelines for all Canadian products and technologies that can displace higher emitting technologies in other countries.
Justin Trudeau’s environmental policy is not an emissions plan, it’s a tax plan. In fact, Canadian families and small businesses pay 92% of Trudeau’s Carbon Tax, while big polluters are only on the hook for 8%. It’s no wonder Canada will miss its emissions reductions targets under the Paris Accord. Trudeau’s carbon tax would have to be 5 times higher for Canada to meet its targets under the Paris Accord and much, much higher under the NDP and Green plans.
“I’m proud of our Conservative plan because it encourages Canadians to help lower global emissions with strong new ideas,” said Byron Horner   “Our plan balances the need to fight climate change by lowering global emissions with our core promise of leaving more money in Islanders’ pockets and helping them get ahead. If we want to have the means to fight climate change – we need a strong economy.”
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