A Conservative Government will Help Rural Islanders Get Ahead

August 10, 2019

A Conservative Government will Help Rural Islanders Get Ahead

Work on a farm

Our Mid-Island federal riding of Courtenay Alberni is a special place. A unique mixture of cities, towns, villages and a large rural component.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is calling on federal parties to commit to building a "rural lens" into the heart of the federal government, including:

  • Modernizing and streamlining funding tools that rural communities rely on to build better lives, including by doubling the reliable and predictable federal Gas Tax Fund transfer.
  • Ensuring new broadband investments translate into reliable Internet connections that support economic growth and a modern quality of life.
  • Working in partnership with local leaders to promote rural economic development.
  • Recognizing rural realities in planning national initiatives, from affordable housing to disaster mitigation and climate adaptation.


Canada’s Conservatives are the only party fighting for rural Canadians.

After completely ignoring rural Canadians and their communities for three years, Justin Trudeau appointed a Rural Economic Development Minister in an election year in a desperate ploy to hold onto seats.

A Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Andrew Scheer, will continue to support policies that will help rural Canadians get ahead, like championing a west-to-east pipeline, scrapping Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, appointing Regional Economic Development Ministers actually from the regions, and balancing the budget so we can lower taxes and let you get ahead.

Rural and Municipal Infrastructure:

The Trudeau Liberal record when it comes to infrastructure is one of failure. They have failed to work with our municipal and provincial partners to get shovels in the ground and deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

It was our previous Conservative government that understood the importance of the Gas Tax Fund and extended it, doubled it from $1 billion to $2 billion annually, and legislated it as a permanent source of federal infrastructure funding for municipalities and communities.

Andrew Scheer and our team has sat-down and had constructive conversations with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to work with municipalities and to get much-needed projects built so Canadian families can get ahead. We will have more to say once we reveal our election platform.

Internet Access:

Conservatives understand that reliable internet access is essential for rural and remote communities across the country.

Unfortunately, for four years Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has taken rural Canadians for granted and failed to make high speed internet a priority.

A Conservative government led by Prime Minister Andrew Scheer will make ensuring rural Canadians have high speed internet a priority.

A Conservative Government will Support Policies to Help Rural Canadians Get Ahead.