Hockey Canada Must Prioritize Victims

June 21, 2022

Ottawa, ON – John Nater, Conservative Shadow Minister for Canadian Heritage, Karen Vecchio, Conservative Shadow Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, Richard Martel, Conservative Shadow Minister for Sport, and Kevin Waugh, Conservative Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-Grasswood, issued the following statement regarding Hockey Canada’s testimony at the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage (CHPC): 

“The allegations of sexual assault and the involvement of Hockey Canada are incredibly disconcerting. Potential perpetrators of sexual assault are living out perhaps their wildest dreams of pursuing a career in professional hockey. They could one day become, coaches and mentors holding positions of power. What is being done to protect victims? How is it that has been overlooked?

“As Canadians, we love and glorify hockey players. But we can never do that at the expense of our children, our sons and daughters and put in jeopardy our loved ones.

“Hockey Canada is a huge organization with tremendous responsibility. They are an emblem of our culture. Protecting our athletes cannot be prioritized over the safety of others. That is not a Canadian value, nor one held by Hockey Canada officials who testified yesterday.

“For four years, the Government had knowledge of this and continued to give Hockey Canada millions of dollars while no action was being taken to hold anyone accountable or address the dangerous culture that enabled harassment and assault.

“The Government must be held accountable. Hockey Canada’s officials must be held accountable. Canadians deserve answers. Victims deserve reassurance and protection. Nothing less is acceptable.”