Liberal candidate criticizes Justin Trudeau for being corrupt politician

Ottawa, ON – Today, Conservative Candidates, Yves Levesque and Michael Barrett, commented on a resurfaced column in which Justin Trudeau’s candidate for Trois-Rivières criticizes Trudeau for his corruption. “Justin Trudeau is too corrupt for even his own candidates – and it’s not surprising. Trudeau has been found guilty of breaking federal law twice, and his cover-ups and deception have become commonplace,” said Barrett. In an editorial dated July 15, 2020, Martin Francoeur, Liberal Candidate for Trois-Rivières, criticizes Justin Trudeau’s WE scandal, saying, “The fact of awarding a contract without a tender to an organization closely linked to the Trudeau family is a perfectly stupid move.” He goes on to say that the Prime Minister’s apology “does not detract from the gravity of these acts of favouritism and this form of interference by the Prime Minister.” Francoeur continues, “Therein lies the problem with Justin Trudeau. His lapses of ethics and his annoying tendency to place himself in a situation of conflict of interest seem most often associated with candour or a kind of carelessness or even a lack of judgment, which makes the matter even more astounding.” The Liberal candidate concludes his column by citing when Justin Trudeau broke federal law, including Trudeau’s trip to a billionaire’s island. “Does Mr. Francoeur still think Justin Trudeau is a corrupt politician,” asked Levesque. “And will Mr. Francoeur speak out against other Liberal candidates, like Judy Sgro, who believe that federal laws should not apply to them?” “Canadians can’t afford any more of Justin Trudeau’s corruption,” Barrett and Levesque concluded. “Canada’s Recovery Plan is Erin O’Toole’s plan to secure the future by restoring accountability to Ottawa.” The full column can be read here: