NDP and Greens have a Misguided Pharmacare Plan

October 12, 2019

Conservatives are committed to every Canadian having access to the healthcare they need.

The NDP and Greens both have a Pharmacare plan as part of their election platforms which would provide all Canadians with free medications.  This promise sounds great and very Canadian before you dig into the facts.  Currently 98% of Canadians currently have or qualify for a prescription drug plan – reported by the Conference Board of Canada.  

In British Columbia we have Fair Pharmacare that ensures no matter how rare or expensive a drug is – no one pays more than 4% of their income on prescription drugs approved by the BC Ministry of Health and people on social assistance or in care homes get free prescription medicine.  

No one in BC is losing their home or not eating to pay for  government approved prescription drugs.

Let’s spend our limited taxpayer resources helping the 2% who do not have any plan and those who struggle with co-payments on extended benefits plans or who cannot afford to pay 4% of there income on prescription medicine in BC NOT create an administratively burdensome national Pharmacare plan just because it was a good talking point during an election

Have the NDP or Greens even thought through who really wins in their plan? Free Pharmacare would be a huge gift to corporations who currently spend billions on extended benefits plans to pay for prescription drug for their employees. Why should these corporations be allowed to download Pharmacare expenses to taxpayers when we are struggling to have accessible healthcare (access to GPs) and affordable home care for our seniors here in the Mid-Island? In Oceanside, the most populous region of our riding of Courtenay Alberni, the average wait time is over two years to get a doctor. This is unacceptable.

A new Conservative government will invest in our public healthcare system and we have committed to supporting Provincial Health Authorities by increasing health transfers from current levels by 3% every year we are in government.  As I have met thousands of Islanders at their homes across our riding the issue I hear is not the affordability of prescription medicine but access to basic medical care, GPs and affordable home care for our seniors.  Let’s help the small percentage of Canadians who struggle with prescription drug costs and put our efforts into attracting GPs to our communities and fast-tracking new Canadians with medical credentials to allow them to use their skills in our communities.

Vote Conservative for Spending on Healthcare that will get you Real Results.