Gord Johns Private Members’ Motion on Oceans Plastics (M-151) Does Not Deliver Any Results for Our Oceans or for Courtenay-Alberni

December 10, 2018

M-151, that Johns’ trumpets as a major achievement, but is not, is a Private Members’ Motion, not a Private Members’ Bill.

Third Party MP’s like Johns will pursue a Private Members’ Motion rather than a Private Members’ Bill because they are easier to pass because with Private Members’ Motions no laws are actually changed and no funding or budget is involved. Government and opposition MP’s will sometimes support them as they are completely non-binding.

Third Party MP’s use Motions to try to show that they have relevance in Parliament and hope that voters in their riding will not appreciate the difference between a “motherhood” Private Members’ Motion that all parties can agree to and a Private Members’ Bill that forces real action by Parliament and the government in power.

Johns was forced to use a motion because he knew that he could never get the Parliamentary support needed to pass a Private Member’s Bill that would affect real change for Vancouver Island.

Plastics in our ocean is a real issue (I took the photos below when my son Wesley and I hiked the Cape Scott Trail last summer on the Northern tip of Vancouver Island) but Johns’ motion, which he borrowed from the University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre, has no action or funding attached to it. It’s an example of a politician talking, patting himself on the back but not getting anything done! We deserve better.

Based on the last 40 years of federal election results in the Mid-Island, the Conservative Party is the only party that can elect an MP in Courtenay-Alberni and form a government in Ottawa.

If I am elected MP for Courtenay-Alberni I will deliver real results for social and economic infrastructure in our communities and, as part of government, change laws to improve our quality of life.

Plastic Pollution, Nels Bight Beach, Cape Scott Provencial Park Plastic Pollution, Nels Bight Beach, Cape Scott Provencial Park

Plastic Pollution - Nels Bight Beach, Cape Scott Provincial Park, Vancouver Island - August 2018