Johns’ Motion on Oceans Plastics does NOT Change any Law or Provide any Money to Help our Oceans

December 10, 2018

Johns trumpets getting all-party support for his Private Members’ Motion but these non-binding “motherhood”motions are commonly agreed to by all MP’s as no laws are changed and no funds are provided for action.

3rd Party NDP MP’s, like Johns, use these Motions to try to show that they can “work across the aisle” and have relevance in Parliament while hoping voters back home don’t appreciate the difference between a non-binding Motion that all parties can readily agree to and a Private Members Bill that if passed would become a law of the land and force real action by the government-of-the-day.

Johns was forced to use a motion because he knew that due to our existing system of party politics he could never get support to pass a Private Member’s Bill that could affect real change for Vancouver Island and our oceans.

Johns’ motion, which he borrowed from the University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre, has no action or funding attached to it. It’s an example of a politician hoping voters do not understand how things work in Ottawa, talking, patting themselves on the back but not actually getting anything done.

Plastics in our ocean is a real issue. I took the attached photos when my son Wesley and I hiked the Cape Scott trail last summer on the Northern tip of Vancouver Island. I have discussed the issue of micro-plastics with elected mayors in our communities and scientists at the Deep Bay Shellfish Research Centre (that was built with funding from a Conservative government) and have toured Denman Island and discussed ocean plastic pollution with Denman Island Trustee Laura Busheikin and with Dorrie Woodward of the Denman Island Marine Stewards.

We deserve effective representation and real results from our MP. Based on the last 40 years of federal election results in the Mid-Island, the Conservative Party is the only party that can elect an MP in Courtenay-Alberni and form a government in Ottawa.

Johns has no effective political power in Ottawa and can only raise awareness via letters and speeches and motions like M-151 that do not change any laws or provide any budget for action. If elected your MP as part of a Conservative government I could promote real measures to reduce plastics and micro-plastics in our oceans.

Plastic Pollution, Nels Bight Beach, Cape Scott Provencial Park Plastic Pollution, Nels Bight Beach, Cape Scott Provencial Park

Plastic Pollution - Nels Bight Beach, Cape Scott Provincial Park, Vancouver Island - August 2018