The Conservative Party Supports the Reconciliation Process with Indigenous Peoples

October 16, 2019

Conservatives are focussed on working with Indigenous communities on developing policies that make real and measurable improvements in the lives of Indigenous peoples. We support effective investments in access to housing, health services and safe quality drinking water.

Conservatives support Jordan's principle; First Nations children should have the same rights, access to services, and opportunities as every other Canadian child. It is critical that government spending translates into meaningful results on the ground.

The Trudeau Liberals have failed to take steps to create sustainable, economic opportunities for Indigenous peoples. Although the agenda for reconciliation must be set by Indigenous peoples, the Conservative Party and I believe there can be no true and lasting reconciliation without economic reconciliation.

The federal government must work with Indigenous communities to share in the wealth that Canada is so capable of creating and to work side-by-side to create a positive future for Indigenous youth, including increasing economic and education opportunities.