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A New Conservative Government will Support Seniors on a Fixed Income

Last week the local newspaper printed candidates’ comments on Seniors. I was not aware of this question and my office missed the deadline and we apologize. Our plan to help seniors is substantive and I hope you take the time to read my response to the question below. Thank you, Byron Horner.

I have met thousands of seniors at their doorsteps in the Mid-Island and have heard first-hand that Island seniors on fixed-incomes are finding it more difficult to get by financially. I met a widow in Qualicum who carefully plans her errands to reduce her gas costs and met a senior man living in a tiny bachelor apartment in Port Alberni who loves steak but has not been able to afford a steak in over two years because he has mobility issues and needs the money for gas. There is a cost-of-living crisis for seniors on the Island. Taxes have increased and made the everyday essentials of gas, home heating, and groceries more expensive while their incomes have not kept up. Seniors seeking to stay in their homes are struggling with the cost of home care and suffering anxiety whether they have saved enough for long-term care. Our seniors built our country – they deserve a comfortable and dignified retirement and I am committed to help make their lives more affordable.

A new Conservative government is committed to making life more affordable for seniors.  We will lower a typical Canadian senior’s tax bill by over $600, and a couple's by over $1,200, per year by increasing the income tax age credit by $1,000, by lowering the tax rate on income up to $47,633 to 13.75% and by eliminating GST on home heating costs. We will maintain the OAS qualifying age at 65 and we have committed to increase the current federal funding transfers that support public healthcare by 3% per year and in addition to this general funding increase to buy $1.5 billion of MRI and CT machines to help reduce medical wait-times.

I have many amazing senior volunteers helping on my campaign. They are knocking on doors for me, making phone calls and stuffing envelopes because they want an MP in government who will not only speak up for seniors but who can get real results for them in Ottawa.  On Oct 21st I hope you agree with them and Vote Byron Horner.

The Conservative Party's Plan for Seniors to Get Ahead:

  • Expand the Age Credit, benefiting the lowest income Canadians the most and giving a senior couple up to $300.
  • Introduce the Universal Tax Cut, saving an average couple $850 per year.
  • Take the GST off home heating costs, saving your family $107 every year.
  • Scrap the Trudeau Carbon Tax, lowering the cost of everyday essentials like gas, groceries, and home heating.