Talking Points: British Columbia Decriminalizing Drugs

June 01, 2022



Today, the federal government announced it will grant British Columbia’s request for an exemption from the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.


The exemption period will begin January 31, 2023 and applies to personal possession up to a cumulative amount of 2.5g for adults, and includes opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA.


Police are not to confiscate the drugs, and there is no requirement that people found to be in possession seek treatment. The production, trafficking, and exportation of these drugs will remain illegal.


A statement from the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions can be found here.




  • Conservatives believe Canadians struggling with addiction deserve compassion with access to culturally appropriate treatment and a path to recovery. 


  • We believe addiction is a public health issue and Canada’s drug laws must target individuals who prey on Canadians struggling with addictions, namely those who engage in trafficking and the sale of illegal drugs. 


  • Conservatives oppose removing deterrence measures for those who would exploit Canadians struggling with addictions. Recognizing addiction as a public health issue does not mean reducing the consequences for those who prey on vulnerable Canadians.
  • Expanding access to treatments and recovery programs should be a health care priority to get help to people struggling with addiction.