Tofino Trail - Letter to the Editor

April 08, 2019

Ucluelet and Tofino residents are right to be upset with the government's mismanagement of the Tofino Bike and Walking Trail which will neither be completed on-time nor on-budget.

On a West Coast tour with Conservative Small Business Critic, Dan Albas, I met many people who witnessed firsthand the disregard for the environment and taxpayer dollars by the Liberal government as trees were recklessly slashed through the forest to make room for this trail.

I was convinced the government needed to be held accountable for this mismanagement and I asked Dan to make a written request in Parliament to the Minister for Parks Canada about the status of the project.

The results were shocking. They highlight the need to have an MP for Courtenay-Alberni who has the business experience to hold civil servants to account for spending your tax dollars while preserving the environment.

This worthwhile project for the West Coast was originally meant to cost $17.7 million. The current government estimate is $51.1 million. This $33.4 million could have been allocated to important local projects like salmon enhancement or affordable housing.

Did our NDP MP make any attempt to hold the Minister accountable for this government waste?

The West Coast needs an MP in government who can effectively raise local concerns before a federal project goes sideways.

The Conservatives are the only party that can defeat the Trudeau Liberals and elect an effective MP here in Courtenay-Alberni. You can vote for someone you may know or for someone you know can get real results as your MP in government.

Byron Horner 
Conservative Candidate for Member of Parliament