Today, Conservative Party of Canada members Michael Barrett and Luc Berthold issued the following statement on the Liberal Party of Canada’s proposed policy resolution to re-establish the Canada Student Service Grant:

“Canada already has a program to help students find work, the Canada Summer Jobs program. There is only one reason why the Liberals would want to recreate the Canada Student Service Grant, and that’s to reward their friends and well-connected insiders. The original scandal plagued program awarded $500 million to Justin Trudeau’s friends, the Kielburgers, after the Kielburgers paid the Trudeau family nearly half a million dollars.

“The WE scandal is the third time Justin Trudeau has been caught trying to reward his Liberal friends with lucrative government contracts. Just like the SNC scandal, the WE scandal highlights how far Trudeau will go to reward Liberal insiders.

“If this resolution passes, Justin Trudeau must recuse himself from any decisions to reintroduce the Canada Student Service Grant program, and the Government of Canada must ensure that the Kielburgers are prevented from bidding on any student volunteer contracts provided by the Government of Canada.

“Corruption is not tolerated in the Conservative Party of Canada. Under Erin O’Toole’s leadership, Canada will have a more ethical, accountable and transparent federal government.”