Conservatives Shatter Fundraising Records, Surpassing $35.2 Million in 2023

February 09, 2024

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Ottawa, ON – In Pierre Poilievre's inaugural year as the leader of the Conservative Party, the party achieved an unprecedented fundraising milestone, setting a new record for Canadian political history by amassing a staggering $35.2 million in 2023. This remarkable achievement underscores the unmistakable desire among Canadians for a transformative shift in leadership. The extraordinary momentum behind the Conservative Leader, coupled with his pragmatic message, shattered another record by securing $11.9 million in Q4 alone. The party's remarkable December fundraising surged to an impressive $7.08 million.

Pierre Poilievre expressed his satisfaction with these results, stating, "These outcomes unequivocally demonstrate the widespread support for my sensible agenda, which includes reducing taxes, expanding housing, addressing budgetary issues, and tackling crime."

In 2023, the Conservative Party of Canada received an astounding 200,248 individual donations, resulting in a total of $35.2 million in contributions. Notably, this surpasses the highest non-election year fundraising achievement in Canadian politics, which was previously held by the Conservative Party with $24.2 million in 2018.
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