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October 16, 2019

Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted – he is pitting province against province, Canadian against Canadian

Trudeau calls on Québecers to fight Ontario and Alberta Today during a press conference, Justin Trudeau called on Québecers to fight Albertans and Ontarians.Here is what Trudeau said:“[Q]uébecers need to stand up and fight against those like Jason Kenney and Doug Ford and other conservative politicians.”But here is what Trudeau...

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October 16, 2019

The Conservative Party Supports the Reconciliation Process with Indigenous Peoples

Conservatives are focussed on working with Indigenous communities on developing policies that make real and measurable improvements in the lives of Indigenous peoples. We support effective investments in access to housing, health services and safe quality drinking water. Conservatives support Jordan's principle; First Nations children should have the same rights,...

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October 16, 2019

Johns makes false claims on infrastructure spending in Courtenay-Alberni - Must Read Before You Vote

Before voters go to the polls on Monday Mr. Johns should provide responses on two misleading claims he has made in his campaign materials and public comments: Mr. Johns claims Conservative governments between 2005 - 2015 only invested $16.6 million in our region when the actual investment was over $85...

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October 15, 2019

Conservatives to support parents in mourning

New conservative government to extend EI parental leave to parents in mourning A new Conservative government will ensure that EI parental leave is extended for eight weeks following the death of a baby, affording parents experiencing unimaginable tragedy a much-needed opportunity to begin coping with their loss. “With this policy,...

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Byron Horner

Meet The Candidate

Byron Horner - For Member of Parliament - Courtenay-Alberni 2019I am a businessman and community volunteer with deep roots on Vancouver Island. I speak French, have worked for an MP in Ottawa and have the political, legal and financial education and experience to be an effective representative for you and your family. I am listening to your concerns and, if elected, will deliver real results for our communities.

I was raised by a family with strong community values. My commitment to Vancouver Island is complimented by diverse experiences. Public policy and public service are in my blood and I am committed to:

  • making life more afforable,
  • making our communities safer,
  • growing our local economy and
  • protecting our environment.


Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-AlberniMy parents were born on working farms during the Great Depression. They taught me to respect others, work hard and give back to the community.

Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-AlberniGrowing up I spent a lot of time with my grandmother Cecilia Magnusson. I learned many things from her. She did not finish high school but was full of wisdom and would give her last dollar to help those in need. She recently passed away at 102.

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