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December 10, 2018

Gord Johns Private Members’ Motion on Oceans Plastics (M-151) Does Not Deliver Any Results for Our Oceans or for Courtenay-Alberni

M-151, that Johns’ trumpets as a major achievement, but is not, is a Private Members’ Motion, not a Private Members’ Bill. Third Party MP’s like Johns will pursue a Private Members’ Motion rather than a Private Members’ Bill because they are easier to pass because with Private Members’ Motions no...

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November 30, 2018

Trudeau Liberals $600 million News Media Bailout Package Taints Press Independence and is a Step Backwards for Canadian Democracy

Last week the Liberal government announced a $600 million bailout package for the news media industry. A panel of Liberal-appointed journalists will determine which private news outlets are eligible to receive your tax dollars. The Liberals had originally announced a $50 million package as part of the 2018 budget but,...

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November 23, 2018

We apologize, but it's even worse than we thought

Two days ago,we shared a video about a supposed Liberal bailout of media companies. Yesterday, we've learned it's so much worse than we thought. Peter Kent dives deep into the situation.

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November 09, 2018

LETTER: PATH will lead to opportunity

To the Editor, A Port Alberni Transhipment Hub (PATH) would create jobs for the Alberni Valley, reduce transportation costs from the Island and reduce congestion and pollution in the Salish Sea and on our roads and ports. Port Alberni’s natural deep sea port has no obstacles, no riptides, lots of...

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Byron Horner - For Member of Parliament - Courtenay-Alberni 2019I am a businessman and community volunteer with deep roots on Vancouver Island. I speak French, have worked for an MP in Ottawa and have the political, legal and financial education and experience to be an effective representative for you and your family. I am listening to your concerns and, if elected, will deliver real results for our communities.

I was raised by a family with strong community values. My commitment to Vancouver Island is complimented by diverse experiences. Public policy and public service are in my blood and I am committed to protecting our environment.


Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-AlberniMy parents were born on working farms during the Great Depression. They taught me to respect others, work hard and give back to the community.

Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-AlberniGrowing up I spent a lot of time with my grandmother Cecilia Magnusson. I learned many things from her. She did not finish high school but was full of wisdom and would give her last dollar to help those in need. She recently passed away at 102.

Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-Alberni

I was fortunate to have a supportive family and...