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February 21, 2019

In SNC-Lavalin Scandal is the Trudeau Liberal Government In Violation of the Conflict of Interest Act?

Why is Justin Trudeau, his staff and government willing to put so much time and energy to protect and possibly give special treatment to SNC-Lavalin, a company that has been convicted or is under investigation for bribery and corruption in its dealings in Canada and Internationally? Lost in the he...

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February 20, 2019

CFB Comox is vital for Canada’s Defense and for the Comox Valley Economy

There is a critical shortage of pilots and technicians and Justin Trudeau has failed to staff and equip our Armed Forces The Auditor General raised national security and long-term safety concerns about the viability of Canada’s fighter jets. He also raised concerns with Canada’s critical shortage of pilots and technicians...

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February 11, 2019

Canada's 'New' fighter jets are 40 years old

Leona Alleslev, Conservative Member of Parliament, explains why Justin Trudeau's decision to buy old fighter jets from Australia is a terrible decision.

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January 29, 2019

Justin Trudeau’s Deficits Today Are Increased Taxes Tomorrow

Justin Trudeau is making Canadians pay for his mistakes. His failure to balance the budget means higher taxes down the road and less protection against the next economic downturn.Justin Trudeau promised he’d balance the budget in 2019, instead he’s continued to spend and the deficit is more than $21 billion...

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Byron Horner - For Member of Parliament - Courtenay-Alberni 2019I am a businessman and community volunteer with deep roots on Vancouver Island. I speak French, have worked for an MP in Ottawa and have the political, legal and financial education and experience to be an effective representative for you and your family. I am listening to your concerns and, if elected, will deliver real results for our communities.

I was raised by a family with strong community values. My commitment to Vancouver Island is complimented by diverse experiences. Public policy and public service are in my blood and I am committed to growing our local economy and protecting our environment.


Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-AlberniMy parents were born on working farms during the Great Depression. They taught me to respect others, work hard and give back to the community.

Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-AlberniGrowing up I spent a lot of time with my grandmother Cecilia Magnusson. I learned many things from her. She did not finish high school but was full of wisdom and would give her last dollar to help those in need. She recently passed away at 102.

Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-Alberni

I was fortunate to...