Conservatives urging Liberal government to get results as Minister Ng gets set to host North American trade counterparts

July 08, 2022

Ottawa, ON – Randy Hoback, Conservative Shadow Minister for International Trade and Supply Chain Resilience, and Gérard Deltell, Conservative Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Industry, released the following statement on the eve of Minister Ng hosting her Mexican and U.S. trade counterparts:

“Canada’s key trading relationships remain in crisis mode due to the Liberal government’s failure to resolve key disputes.

“Canadian workers and businesses are suffering. High lumber tariffs continue because this government has failed to secure a new Canada-U.S. softwood lumber agreement.

“Threats to our auto sector persist because the Liberal government has no idea how to advance and protect key Canadian interests. The continued risk of a shutdown to the Line 5 pipeline is the latest example of this government's total disregard for the men and women in our energy sector.

“The Trudeau Liberals have also failed to secure an exemption to the most protectionist Buy American policies Canadian businesses have ever faced – something the previous Conservative government was able to obtain from the Obama administration.

“And failure to make adequate investments in our ports has them ranking near the bottom in a recent World Bank report – which is making our supply chain challenges even worse and prices even higher.

“It’s clear that Liberal incompetence continues to erode Canada’s reputation on the world stage. As a result of their failures, Canada wasn’t even invited to be part of the U.S.-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF) which includes Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, and South Korea.

“With inflation running rampant, Canadians are concerned about how to make ends meet. As an export-dependent country, we need a government that will get our trade relationships back on track.

“The Trudeau Liberals just squandered the most recent session of Parliament by failing to get results for the 1 in 5 jobs in Canada that depend on exports – especially in our agri-food, forestry, oil and gas, and automotive sectors.

“Parliament may have risen for the summer, but this is no time for vacation for Minister Ng. Conservatives are calling on the Minister to secure real results for Canada this week which is exactly what Canadians expect and deserve.”