Byron Stands For

Environmental Responsibility


Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-AlberniI have had a lifelong love of nature – hiking, camping and fishing from the time I was a young boy. I have planted tens of thousands of trees in BC and even before our boys could walk our family holidays always included a tent and our hiking boots.

My commitment to conservation and protecting our environment is not just talk. I have put my money where my mouth is. I am the Executive Producer of the Great Bear Rainforest IMAX film. I knew going in that the film would be lucky to breakeven but my time and investment in the film is worth it to me for the powerful conservation message and beautiful natural imagery.

Byron Horner - Conservative Candidate - Courtenay-Alberni

A major objective of this project is youth education and I am proud to be part of the successful fundraising effort to help fund youth education related to the film. How can we expect the next generation to protect our natural environment if they don’t have an understanding and respect for its beauty and value?

A Balanced Approach to Protecting the Environment

Over looking the water atUcluletI believe in a balanced approach to growing our economy and protecting our environment. Please see my bio to learn about how I am committed to protecting our environment.

Conservatives care about our air quality, fresh water, wild salmon and the state of our oceans. I am a strong supporter of the role of our Coast Guard in helping protect our marine environment.


Canada already has world leading environmental laws and industry regulation. We can do even better. I will work within the Conservative Party to reflect a balanced approach, which I believe is supported by a majority of Canadians who want responsible resource development and world-class environmental regulation.


Like most Canadians, I see no disconnect between supporting the twinning of the existing Kinder Morgan pipeline while protecting habitat and restricting or prohibiting development in ecologically sensitive regions. It’s about balance and being responsible.