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Trans Mountain Pipeline Rewards Outweigh Risks

The significant economic benefits of twinning the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline will provide funds to fight climate change and develop green technologies for a more sustainable economy.

Oil and Gas is our #1 Export ($67B in 2018) and is critical to support jobs and social programs.

Global demand for oil and gas is projected to grow through 2040. Canadian families and our planet will be hurt if we don’t twin the Trans Mountain pipeline and thereby let this global demand be filled by dirtier sources from countries with next to no environmental standards, like Iran and Russia.

Canadian energy products can replace dirtier foreign energy sources like coal (50% global emissions) for power generation and shipping (bunker) fuel (2.5% global emissions).

Twinning the Trans Mountain pipeline supports our largest industry, helps us diversify away from the U.S. and will provide BC with $6.7 billion in tax revenues and 15,000 construction jobs.

Despite these benefits, the Trudeau Liberals have failed to deliver and the NDP and Greens will cancel the project.

Liberals failed to Deliver on Trans Mountain

  • Spent $4.5 billion of your tax dollars to buy a private sector project
  • Failed to properly consult Indigenous Peoples (as ruled by the Federal Court)
  • Created the Environmental Assessment Act (C-69) an expensive, lengthy discretionary political process

More than 50% of Islanders support Trans Mountain Pipeline

Protecting Our Coast

  • PipByron on pier next to the spill response Boatelines are the safest way to transport oil
  • Strong regulatory improvements (including double hulls) means there has not been a tanker spill on the West Coast of North America in over 30 years
  • More than 500 tankers a year safely transit the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
  • Every day a super tanker safely passes by the West Coast of Vancouver Island
  • Despite this significant existing tanker traffic we do not currently have the people and equipment to protect our coast from a spill…

As part of the plan to twin Trans Mountain, the operator committed over $1 billion for world-class marine and land spill response. Port Alberni would receive up to 20 full-time and part-time jobs and 2 ships on standby for spills, and Ucluelet would receive 1 ship.

Protecting Orca Whales

  • Tanker traffic is responsible for 1% of the SRKW pod lost foraging time versus 57% by BC Ferries.
  • BC Ferries plans to add 225 trips per month versus 29 additional ships per month for twinning Trans Mountain.

A Conservative government is committed to science-based flexible shipping routes to reduce the impacts on marine life and coastal communities.

I am committed to environmental protection. Working with the parent company of Seaspan for over 10 years I am familiar with the rigorous ship assist protocol for tankers in our waters and we can do even better.